About Us

PT Pantherina Pardus Analitika (Pantherina) is analytical laboratory and industrial equipment supplier company, X-Ray Fluorosence (XRF), X-Ray Diffractormeter (XRD), Residual Stress and XRF Fusebead sample preparation, etc. Born in 2005, Pantherina target masket is in Indonesia. Supported by experience and factory trained personnel, Pantherina is ready to deliver world quality services to Indonesia customers.


We are established since 2006, consisting of experts in the field of sales of X-ray-based tools with more than twenty years of experience. Based on the experience that has been owned by the founding father, we are here to provide the best service for consumers.

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Vision & Mission

Vision : Pantherina vision is to provide best solution the world for indonesia customers problems, now and future. Adapting dynamic change of technology, Pantherina maintain update or recent technology, the best equipments and technologies to Indonesia customers.

Mission : 

Company mission is to be the reliable partner of Indonesia customers by doing best services and quick response. To reach it, company focus to develop the best teamwork.